Name G. Quade C. Jones
Title Software Developer

About Me

Welcome to my personal website!

This used to be my school webpage ( where I would post assignments for review. It was a great excuse for me to familiarize myself with modern web platform features (e.g. ES6, WebGL, etc.). Although, I no longer attend school, I still occasionally post projects on this site when I find an exciting topic to program in javascript.


Yahoo! Inc

Title Software Development Engineer
Location Baltimore, MD
Dates Mar. 2020 – Present

Worked mostly as a backend Java developer on Supply Side Platform (SSP) to serve ads as part of the publisher engineering team.


Computer Science

Degree Master's Degree (MS)
University Penn State Harrisburg
Dates Aug. 2014 – May 2019

Double major in Computer Science (MS) and Mathematics (BS).


Degree Bachelor's Degree (BS)
University Penn State Harrisburg
Dates Aug. 2015 – May 2019

Member of the Pennsylvania Φ Chapter of the Π Μ Ε Honors Society for Mathematics.